Dr. Noah Meyers

It takes courage to seek help. Whether you are new to therapy or looking for a new perspective, I can help you take steps towards living a richer, fuller life.



Individual Therapy

In my view, the overarching aims of therapy can be boiled down to two main goals: First, that you - as my client - feel as comfortable and safe in the therapeutic setting as possible, and second, that you thrive as a person, whatever that may mean to you.  

Couples Therapy

I work with couples who are experiencing difficulties in many areas of a relationship, including communication patterns, parenting, life stressors and transitions, infidelity, decisions about marriage, and sexual intimacy. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be effective for individuals who would like to achieve personal growth in a variety of areas related to interpersonal functioning, acceptance, trust, assertiveness, conflict, vulnerability, and risk-taking.